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The Workshop for Personal Transformation

Turning Obstacles Into Opportunities

“This workshop is inside-out work.
An inner experience manifest in a new and beautiful lifestyle.”

Based on foundational principles of Kabbalah and Chassidus, concepts in the workshop are presented in a unique, innovative and extremely practical format. Cutting-edge coaching techniques and a structured environment help participants internalize and apply these principles in a deep and personal way, transforming areas of life that matter most.

Find out why people are saying, “The workshop changed my life!”

What It’s For

  • A growth opportunity that affects ALL areas of life, including relationships, career, health and well-being, self-discipline, organization, and self expression
  • Find the balance between operating on high gear and taking care of yourself
  • Set and achieve powerful, proactive goals instead of just reacting to life
  • Gain the confidence of knowing where you are going and why
  • Learn how you can feel “good enough” while there’s still so much more to do
  • Become more effective in your communication with people around you
  • Liberate yourself from the limiting thoughts and beliefs that run your life

About the workshop

The workshop is based on Kabbalistic and Chassidic principles that reflect the intent of Divine Will in creating the universe. It incorporates and integrates these principles into the understanding of human behavior, viewing man as the creator of his own world.

Practical * Interactive * Entertaining.

Benefit from the supportive power of a group dynamic.

* Teleworkshops (over the phone) available – participate from anywhere *
* Special workshop for Shluchos *
* New group of the workshop in person starting shortly *

Time is running out but it’s not too late. Sign up now!
$300 for all six sessions including materials.
Advanced Workshop: $250 for all five sessions including materials.
Call (718) 756-1485 or email to get started or for more info.
Click here for an audio sample of the workshop.
**Give the most precious gift of all – the gift of inner peace and empowerment.**
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