The Four Worlds and Beyond

This series of lessons will take you on a fascinating tour through “Seder Hishtalshelut”, which is the evolution of creation and the forming of worlds that came about when G-d desired to create the universe.

Unlike anything you’ve ever heard before!
A compilation from many sources – researched and packaged
for your convenience – all in just eight classes.

You will first get familiar with the four worlds that were created, and their characteristics. Then you will transcend them and get introduced to the emanated worlds – the worlds of infinity.

þLessons begin with a detailed description of the worlds of Asiah, Yetzirah, Briah and Atzilut, using analogies from human experience to enhance the understanding of the nature of these worlds.

þFurther on we discuss the worlds of Nekudim, Akudim and Adam Kadmon. We use other analogies from nature to understand the relationship between the Sefirot and the Infinite light in these worlds.

þThis study will also help you to better understand the physical world in which we live, and its relation to its Source.

Studying the Seder Hishtalshelut is part of the fulfillment of the Mitzvah (commandment) ofunderstanding and knowing G-d’s presence and oneness with creation.

This series is a must for those who want to get familiar with basic Kabbalistic concepts and terminology.

Designed and geared for advanced members as well.

Includes 8 sessions.

  • Once registered you will receive an e-mail with the teleclass phone number and access code.
  • Classes are 60 minutes followed by 15 minutes for questions and answers.
  • You will receive unlimitedaccess to recordings of each lesson in this series.
  • Questions and comments can be e-mailed for further understanding.

Fee for this series: $80.00.

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