Lectures ~ Sample Lecture Topics

Don’t Worry

  • Do you worry about being able to pay the bills? What will be with the children? Are people going to like you? Will you make it in time? Are you worried about your health?
  • Transform this vicious cycle that gives you nothing but stress, affecting your health and happiness. See what the Torah has to say about living worry-free.

Mystical Energies of the Jewish Calendar

  • In-depth kabbalistic analysis of the current Jewish month.
  • Utilizing the powers available from that month.
  • Harnessing those powers to enhance your physical, emotional, and spiritual growth.

The Role of Astrology in Judaism

  • An overview of astrology according to Jewish mysticism.
  • Reconciling the predetermination of astrology with freedom of choice.
  • The Kabbalistic meaning of the Jewish months, days of the month,  and days of the week and the impact of each on our lives.
  • Applying these principles to your life.

Why Does He Push My Buttons?

  • A facinating lecture on understanding relationships and creating a successful marriage.

From Imperfectly Perfect to Perfectly Imperfect
Why Ask Why
Getting Chassidus Out of Golus
The Power to Choose