Ready for Another Kabbalah of Life Women’s Weekend?

Ok, we got the message! After receiving repeated requests to do another women’s weekend at the stunning Vallevue Estate in New Jersey, we’re looking into doing one at the end of this summer – IF we have of a large enough group.

The dates we’re looking at are Yud-Yud Beis Elul / September 9-11.

As always, the weekend will feature…

One last getaway before summer’s over
A spiritual preparation for the month of Tishrei ahead
Relaxation and rejuvenation in an exquisitely beautiful setting
Classes and workshops to stimulate and inspire
Swimming in a hilltop pool, healing sauna
Wholesome and delicious homemade meals
Arrive stressed, leave blessed

Geared for Jewish women of all backgrounds.

The highlight of a Kabbalah of Life weekend is the famous Workshop for Personal Transformation with Chana Ginsburg. Women around the world, from all walks of life, have been gaining the tools to improve their lives in areas such as relationships, career, health and well being, self-discipline, organization and self-expression. Find out why people are saying, “The workshop changed my life!”

Think you can make it? Call 718-756-1485 or email to let us know we can count you in. The weekend will only happen if enough of you are able to come.

Participants of previous weekends had this to say:
“It was so fun to be with you this past weekend and I have so many new special friends!”
“The retreat was more than I hoped for. I felt such love for all the girls and women there. I absolutely would want to do it again.”
“I am still feeling the glow!”
“EVERYONE had the time of their life!”
“The place was stunning. There was a transformational atmosphere that continued to build. I think most everybody got something really great.”
“Just wanted to thank you so much for the workshops. I so enjoyed being there, meeting the women and sitting in your classes. I walked away with bits of information that I am already applying to my day, so thank you again.”
“I want to thank you for being a catalyst for miracles! Your work is amazing!”
“I can’t help but still remember… and for this fact I bless you all. The laughter, and smiles; the peace, and quiet; the companionship, the support, and the healing of inside and out.

Presenters and Practitioners:
Contact us if you would like us to reserve a spot for you on the schedule or to include you in the weekend.