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3005, 2017

Month of Tevet

Tevet holds the power to work on seeing good in ourselves and others and uncovering the good in life's challenges.   The month of Tevet is the tenth month of the Jewish calendar, corresponding this year to December 28, 2008- [...]

3005, 2017

Month of Kislev

Kislev is a rather mystical month. Learn about trust, truth, and transcendence as you capture the Kabbalistic energies available at this time.   Kislev is the ninth of the Jewish months and the third month of the Jewish [...]

3005, 2017

Secrets of Cheshvan

Transforming the mundane to the supernatural: Tuning into the spiritual powers of this month.   At the end of the spiritually rich month of Tishrei we declare, "And Yaakov went on his way", meaning that now is the [...]

3005, 2017

Month of Tishrei

  Gain access to the energies of this awesome month and the many holidays within it.       The month of Tishrei is the seventh of the twelve months of the Jewish calendar and the first month [...]

3005, 2017

Month of Elul

Take a stroll through the field with the King Himself during the month of Elul. Use this special month to reconnect with the King and take stock of the past year.     The month of Elul is [...]

3005, 2017

The Month of Av

It may look like all is in ruins but this month allows us to transform crushing experiences into eternal joy.

3005, 2017

Month of Sivan

Explore the spiritual energies present during the month of Sivan, including the astrological sign, the Hebrew letter, the number three, and more.     The month of Sivan is the third month of the Jewish Calendar. This is [...]

3005, 2017

Month of Iyar

Tune into the energy and power of the month of Iyar, the 2nd month of the Jewish Calendar. The month of Iyar is the second of the twelve months of the Jewish year. This month is blessed with [...]

3005, 2017

Month of Nissan

Experience the freedom that comes along with Nissan - the month heralding spring and the holiday of Pesach. Read about how you can bring it into your life.     The month of Nissan corresponds to April 6 through May 5 [...]