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3005, 2017

Chana on Education

Shift your perspective on raising children as Chana walks you through the fine line of setting healthy boundries while leaving space for the child to blossom. Audio clip from an event.

3005, 2017


An audio clip about the holiday of Shavuos: Integrating the spiritual and the physical. The true unity of two entirely separate worlds.

3005, 2017

Passover Tidbits

Take the chore out of cleaning for Passover with this 40-minute audio clip about how you can get out of Egypt this year.   Looking for some personal inspiration while cleaning for Pesach? Listen to this audio clip [...]

3005, 2017

The King and Esther

Discover what really happened when Queen Esther touched the tip of the king's sceptre. A text-based class. Approximately 1 hour. A lesson from the Sunday night Torah Ohr/Lekutei Torah class on Megilas Esther. This lesson discusses the spiritual [...]

3005, 2017

Purim – What’s in the Name?

Why is the holiday of Purim named after the sinister deeds of Haman? Shouldn't the name reflect the salvation and the miracle - not the evil plot?     From a lecture in East Brunswick, NJ on Rosh Chodesh Adar II, 5768. Approximately [...]

3005, 2017

Yom Kippur Stories

Yom Kippur is a day of forgiveness. We forgive each other and G-d forgives us. Listen to these two stories for...  

3005, 2017

Rosh Hashana Stories

Listen to two beautiful stories in connection to the holiday of Rosh Hashana. These will warm your heart and bring inspiration for the new year.  

3005, 2017

Seven Fruits of the Land

Explore the seven keys of human expression represented by the seven unique fruits of the Chosen Land of Israel. "] "] "] [...]

3005, 2017

Month Of Adar

Hear about the untainted sense, transformation spices, unconditional Divine relationship, unveiling the mask, unifying thread, and the fish. A series of six insightful audio clips on the month of Adar. [...]

3005, 2017

Month of Shevat

Shevat holds the special power of leadership geared towards the service of others. Celebrate the New Year for Trees and discover its spiritual significance.   In Hebrew the term for months is "Chodesh" which comes from the word [...]