The King and Esther

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little sceptre1Discover what really happened when Queen Esther touched the tip of the king's sceptre. A text-based class.


Approximately 1 hour.

A lesson from the Sunday night Torah Ohr/Lekutei Torah class on Megilas Esther. This lesson discusses the spiritual ramifications of Esther's encounter with King Achashverosh.

Advanced Level: From inside the Hebrew text.
Peppered with Hebrew and with Kabbalistic and Chassidic references.

Click here for the text.

letter copy"Working with Mrs. Ginsburg has truly been life changing. In two short months, I have been able to achieve goals that I had set for myself time and again for years and never accomplished. She taught me to see my own greatness and use it as the fuel in accomplishing the goals and the dreams I have all but given up on. Chana Ginsburg has literally opened up a new world for me."

Sara H.


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