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Lectures & Classes

speech_copyDear Mrs. Ginsburg,

A Yasher Koach to you for your excellent presentation at the Kinus HaShluchos seminar for Taharas Hamishpacha. On behalf of the hanhola of the kinus, we extend sincere thanks. Wishing you much hatzlacha on all your endeavors.

Kraindy Klein - Assoc. Director , Suri Ciment - Program Coordinator
Chabad International Women's Convention

speech_copyDear Mrs. Ginsburg,

You have a gift for invoking an atmosphere, in which others are awakened to confront themselves and be motivated towards refinement.

speech_copyDear Mrs. Ginsburg,

Thank you so much for all the heart and soul you put into your classes. They are more than classes, they are lessons for life.

speech_copyDear Mrs. Ginsburg,

You are amazing because you've been our teacher in the real sense, teaching us informally and by your example and interest and appreciation of us as individuals. The other reason is because you believe in us and for me that means I have the confidence to try and be G-dly in ways I couldn't otherwise.


Coaching, Marriage Counseling, & Therapy

speech_copy"Chana, having spent just a few sessions with you as a Life Coach has been extremely productive. You are a true gift and I am excited. I look forward to continuing this work.

Working with you is very potent and I feel it in a truly powerful way. Everyone would benefit from even a few hours spent with you! Thank you for sharing your wisdom of life and your gifts and talents with me!"

A Chabad Shlucha (outreach professional)

speech_copy"Working with Mrs. Ginsburg has truly been life changing. In two short months, I have been able to achieve goals that I had set for myself time and again for years and never accomplished. She taught me to see my own greatness and use it as the fuel in accomlishing the goals and the dreams I have all but given up on. Chana Ginsburg has literally opened up a new world for me."

speech_copyDear Mrs. Ginsburg,

"Although Chanuka is over, the light that you brought into my life is forever shining.  I cannot begin to tell you how happy, passionate and alive I feel.  And to add the nachas to your well deserving plate, I am sugar and white flour free for over 9 months now, I am actively coaching frum women, I have scheduled a 10 week tele-class for Jewish mothers on securing their personal foundation.  My relationships with my husband and children are strong, growing and deep and I am living the passionate light that you helped me dig out from within myself.  I work with women both personally and professionally in bringing them inner peace, integrity, happiness and fulfillment.  They come away challenged, aware, happy and growing.  I could just go on.  BARUCH HASHEM BARUCH HASHEM BARUCH HASHEM!!!!

When I have a breakdown, I nurture myself so I can find the breakthrough.  I turn to the wisdom you gave me often.  What greater nachas can you have?  You helped me help myself and now I am able to be a vehicle for Hashem to bring emes and shalom to the world.  HOW CAN I EVER THANK YOU??"

The Workshop for Personal Transformation

speech_copy“The Geulah Workshop has changed my life. I have found a strength and hope that I never knew I possessed. My relationships are better, and I feel freer and lighter.”


speech_copy“The workshop gave me an experience of freedom from my own self-imposed limitations and the ability to bring the extraordinary into the ordinary. It brought excitement and enthusiasm into my day-to-day life, and into my interactions with myself and others. I have come to appreciate every moment as a brand-new, unique gift. My life is infused with deep pleasure and joy.
“It is the personal growth I have so yearned and searched for in various places – and finally found. This workshop is “inside-out” work. An inner experience manifest in a new and beautiful lifestyle.”


speech_copy“The Geulah Workshop is totally mind-altering. It gave me so much more ability to be the person I’m trying to be. I can now look at life from a very different perspective and have the skills to make that real.
“My relationships with people have also changed a lot. I used to see myself as a victim, even though I covered it up pretty well. Now I recognize much more quickly when I am responding to people that way. I feel my relationships are so much freer, smoother and warmer.
“Last but not least, I feel a lot better about myself. The workshop taught me to base my life on creating what I really want instead of worrying or complaining about what’s wrong. It’s a whole different way of thinking. And, I have the tools to get where I want to go.”


speech_copy“The things I learned from the workshop had an immediate and major effect not only on me but on my whole family. It was the beginning of a major transformation for us. My relationships with my husband and kids are now much closer and more supportive.
“I always worked hard, but from a sense of duty and obligation. So I felt burdened and worried a lot. As soon as I completed the first session, I realized that I could accomplish just as much in life with less drudgery, worry and burden. I saw that I could be really happy, regardless of the fact that everything isn’t always perfect. I don’t have to feel like the world is on my shoulders.
“I made a commitment to nurture myself more. Even though I didn’t say anything to them, my family became happier too: happy, calm, sweet and very supportive. It was a big turnaround. We all eat healthier. We do a lot more together as a family – the things we also knew we ‘should’ do, but somehow never found time for. We are all more organized. We really enjoy being together. I’ve lost weight, and so has one of my kids.
“When my attitude changed, things started to happen around me that I didn’t expect – things I never thought could or would happen.
“Most importantly, I see now that whatever I really want, I can achieve. Life isn’t always easy and it can take time and work to grow and change. But now I no longer get overwhelmed and discouraged by the process. I know for sure that with time and effort I can make any changes I really want to make – and even more important, if I put in my effort, G-d will do His part too.”


speech_copy“I loved the way this workshop is all based on chassidus. At the first class I was blown away! I recognized the truth in it, not in that it answered questions, but that it removed the questions. It has subtly shifted my perceptions of everyday occurences and given me the knowledge that this geula way of looking at life is the Torah way. I hope to continue learning with you!

"I also think the homework is very important, hard as it is to find the time to do it, as it forces me to confront my own geula vision in a practical way."

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A child once asked, "Where is G-d?" His teacher responded, "Wherever you let him in."


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