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little womens weekend"How can I thank you and everyone enough for such a transformational weekend?"

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Announcing our next women's weekend at the Vallevue Estate in New Jersey!

13-15 Elul, 5772 | Aug 31-Sept 2, 2012

... Learning that touches your essence and inspires real change
... Cozy discussions with friendly, fascinating women
... Beautiful outdoor walking paths and magnificent hilltop views
... Delcious, healthy meals to nourish body and soul
... A weekend just for you

Arrive stressed, leave blessed!

Geared for Jewish women of all backgrounds.

$375 Full weekend

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The highlight of a Kabbalah of Life weekend is the famous Workshop for Personal Transformation with Chana Ginsburg. Women around the world, from all walks of life, have been gaining the tools to improve their lives in areas such as relationships, career, health and wellbeing, spirituality, self-discipline, organization and self-expression. Find out why people are saying, "The workshop changed my life!".



Sleeping arrangements at the private Vallevue Estate are large suites inside the Rosenhaus mansion, each with an ensuite bathroom. Rooms are spacious, and 2-4 women will be sharing a room.


Delicious meals are served multiple times a day, with a special emphasis on wholesome, nourishing foods. Picture a warm, candle-lit Friday night dinner and a scrumptious Spa Lunch on Sunday. There is also a hospitality room with drinks and refreshments that can be accessed anytime. Food is made on premises and is Glatt Kosher, Cholov Yisroel, and Pas Yisroel, aiming to adhere to high standards of kashrus.

Biodynamic Garden

Biodynamics is organic farming taken to the next level. The Vallevue Estate is home to such a garden, an incredibly balanced system that takes the whole of nature into consideration. A biodynamic garden is self sustaining and always evolving. Our custom-designed menu features choice selections from this garden.


The Vallevue Estate has gorgeous grounds with wide open fields and walking paths in the woods. There is plenty of room to spend quality time in a natural environment, far away from the tumult of the city yet easy to get to via private and public transportation, and closer than most other vacation spots. You can watch the sunset on the deck by the pool, or from any other point on the property with views of the hills. The mansion itself has spacious, cozy rooms with fireplaces that are conducive to warm and stimulating conversation.

Surrounding Area

Within walking distance of the estate is Jockey Hollow and the Morristown National Historic Park, an important site during the American Revolutionary War whose land, features, and artifacts were preserved. There are 27 miles of hiking trails along with a mosaic of fields and forests and a wide variety of natural resources. The Vallevue Estate is located two miles away from the Jewish community of Morristown, NJ. There are quaint village shops and opportunities for biking, horseback riding, and shopping at the Short Hills mall less than half an hour away.


No need to worry about transportation! Morristown, NJ is easy to get to via public transit. The Morristown stop on the Morris Line of the NJ Transit is just a few minutes away from the estate. We'll pick you up. (Click here for more information about public transportation).

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Participants of previous weekends had this to say:

"It was so fun to be with you this past weekend and I have so many new special friends!"

"The retreat was more than I hoped for. I felt such love for all the girls and women there. I absolutely would want to do it again."

"I am still feeling the glow!"

"EVERYONE had the time of their life!"

"The place was stunning. There was a transformational atmosphere that continued to build. I think most everybody got something really great."

"Just wanted to thank you so much for the workshops. I so enjoyed being there, meeting the women and sitting in your classes. I walked away with bits of information that I am already applying to my day, so thank you again."

"I want to thank you for being a catalyst for miracles! Your work is amazing!"

"I can't help but still remember... and for this fact I bless you all. The laughter, and smiles; the peace, and quiet; the companionship, the support, and the healing of inside and out. The space to renew. It has now become a forever memory and I grow with it."

"The weekend was incredible, the accommodations wonderful and the program absolutely perfect.

After attending the weekend for two years, I consider it to be not only enjoyable but a very important contribution to the community.

Part of what makes the weekend so special is the location - a magnificent, serene landscape which also includes a small organic farm and livestock; and luxurious accommodations in a mansion that immediately becomes a comfortable home in which you can kick off your shoes and be utterly yourself. Did I mention the food? Describing the meals which are wholesome and delicious and the wonderful, jolly chef who prepares it can take up another paragraph. And where else can you hear a fabulous concert, then dance to music piped into an outside sound system, then jump into a pool, and then enjoy a barbecue melave malka - all in one evening?

However, the most important aspect of it all is the direction of the whole weekend which is gently geared by the wise and knowledgeable Chana Ginsburg to experiencing spirituality and providing direction and clarity in a way which each participant can apply to herself.

The experience seems to bring out the best side of everyone who attends and fosters an atmosphere of friendly, non judgemental companionship. Regardless of how you spend the weekend - outside walking in solitude, or chatting and interacting with others and having fun - you will leave with the peaceful feeling of having experienced a little piece of Gan Eden." - Chanie B, Brooklyn, NY

"I wasn't sure what to expect from this Shabbaton, but I came away with so much inspiration and joy.

First, the overwhelming support I felt from the women who attended was beautiful... I really enjoyed the Chassidus classes and Chana's workshops and learning about concepts that I can use in my life.

I loved Talya's food and her fun games around the table (e.g. learning our names). Being at Vallevue felt like a privilege and very much enhanced our Shabbaton experience. I liked Lily the Goat!

Now I feel blessed to have this circle of beautiful women in my life, to lead the way and inspire me." - Claire Kanner, Boise, ID

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letter copyDear Mrs. Ginsburg,

Thank you so much for all the heart and soul you put into your classes. They are more than classes, they are lessons for life. Love C.


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