Kabbalah on the Power of Speech TELECLASS

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It can stir the soul, put one in jail, bring you to tears, make your blood boil or make your day.



It can stir the soul, put one in jail, bring you to tears, make your blood boil or make your day.

Speech is one of the most powerful tools we possess.

In fact, it was the spoken word that brought our universe into existence.

Yet, how many of us truly master its power?

Following the very positive feedback from participants and listeners of the teleclass "Kabbalah on the Power of Thought", I am pleased to present the next class on the second garment of the soul - the fascinating Power of Speech.

  • Discover a deeper perspective on the spiritual origin of speech

  • See how the words you say can undermine what you're trying to achieve

  • Train yourself to monitor both your inner and outer conversations

  • Get some powerful insights that will enable you to use your Power of Speech effectively in creating the life you really want to live

Class fee: $10.00

  • Once registered you will receive an e-mail with the Tele-Class phone number and access code.
  • This recording is approximatly 60 minutes followed by 15 minutes of discussion.
  • You will receive unlimitedaccess to the recording of this class.


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letter copy

Dear Mrs. Ginsburg,

You are amazing because you've been our teacher in the real sense, teaching us informally and by your example and interest and appreciation of us as individuals. The other reason is because you believe in us and for me that means I have the confidence to try and be G-dly in ways I couldn't otherwise. Thank you, T.M.


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