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Interview on NBC as an expert in Kabbalah and marriage counseling.
Friday, June 27, 2008

February 2, 2005

“[The workshop’s] goal is to serve as a gateway to a more joyful and fulfilled life.”

The Jewish Press

“Mara S.* felt inhibited by her fear that her husband would not approve of her creative goals. As a result of the workshop, she was able to create the kind of open communication that brought her the support she felt she needed.”

The Jewish Press

“Chaya B.*, a survivor of parental abuse, lived with painful and depressing memories, and could not envision a life beyond mere survival. Chaya used the workshop as a springboard to access power she wouldn’t otherwise have known… She became reconciled with Hashem and as a result, re-established a relationship with her father to the extent that he acknowledged some of the pain he caused, and they now meet to continue to work things out.’”

The Jewish Press

Central New Jersey Friday, April 27, 2007

Matters of Faith – by Rabbi Aryeh Goodman

.As a master educator in kabbalah and coaching, Chana Ginsburg sees a growing interest of people looking to tune in to their spiritual selves.

Visitors to the website have an opportunity to explore the secrets of creation, and Kabbalistic “tools” for successful interpersonal relationships and satisfying daily living. Chana Ginsburg says of the Kabbalah of Life Center, “It combines the spiritual and the emotional parts of self, enabling people to work through challenges effectively.”

It took the early Israelites just 49 days to travel from Egypt to Mt. Sinai — to go from a slave mentality to become sensitive to divine teachings and productive lifestyles. The days between Passover and Shavuot are considered days of spiritual refinement. Those 49 days represent 49 combinations of the human character. Every single day of the Omer is an opportunity to work on another one of those traits, an opportunity to become a better and a happier person.

Kabbalah offers much insight into the structure of the soul’s character, aiding us in our quest to become more refined beings. As [Chana Ginsburg] says in her website, “The Zodiac sign of this month is “Shor’ (Taurus — ox). The Shor (the left face of the Divine Chariot) represents the spiritual origin of the “animal soul’ of man. This month is the time to rectify, refine and elevate the innate character traits of our “animal soul.’…

Mrs. Ginsburg’s articles have also appeared in the following publications:

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