Classes and Tele-Classes

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A series of classes on various topics in the mystical world of Kabbalah and Chassidus. Explore the secrets of Creation and the mystery of human life on Earth, and apply that knowledge to your life. Learn how to clarify your priorities, be more grounded and effective in the world, and be clearer and more centered about your priorities, goals, and aspirations. Get a deeper and broader understanding of yourself. Broaden your ability to embrace life’s challenges.


  • The Divine Order of Creation:  The Four Worlds and Beyond
  • The 10 Sefirot:  The Divine Building Blocks of Creation
  • The 10 Powers of the Human Soul
  • The Three Garments of the Soul: The Tools of the Soul’s Expression
  • How the Finite Comes from the Infinite:  The Inside Story of Creation
  • What Does G-d Want From Me? Understanding G-d’s Plan
  • Man’s Purpose of Refinement and Transformation:
    Rising to Life’s Challenges
  • Advanced Kabbalah: The Gate of Unification (Shaar Hayichud)

These classes are available at the beginner and advanced levels.

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Currently Available As Recordings: